Coping With a Long Haul Flight

Long haul flights are really difficult. They can mean hours of being cooped up in an uncomfortable, tight space.

Here are some things you should bring in your hand luggage to make long flights a little bit easier.


You can bring liquids under 100ml on board with you. On long flights I make use of this by bringing a cleanser (as I have oily skin) and moisturiser, as well as deodorant, toothpaste, and some chapstick. All of these help me to feel refreshed both during and after the flight!


Try not to rely on in-flight entertainment. If you don’t find a movie you like, it’s gonna be a really terrible flight. I like to bring a book, and download some music and Netflix shows to watch offline. You should definitely bring your own headphones, as the ones provided on the plane are usually terrible quality.


Long haul flights can get really cold, so it’s important to bring some layers. I love to bring some cosy bed socks to wear, so I can take off my shoes and relax! If you struggle to sleep on flights, bring a sleep mask and a travel pillow. I use a blow up travel pillow, because I find it’s more supportive than the regular kind. I also bring ear plugs, in case other passengers are too noisy for me to sleep.


As a super fussy eater and a vegetarian, I always bring snacks when I’m travelling. It helps to know I won’t be hungry either during the flight or when I arrive, so I can be at my best to navigate my way to my final destination! I like to bring some seeds and nuts, and some chocolate.It also helps me to have something to suck on, like mints, during takeoff and landing.It can also be cheaper to buy a big bottle of water in the airport than buying a drink on the flight. You can also bring an empty reusable bottle through security, and have it filled in the departure lounge. Staying hydrated will help you combat jet-lag, so drink plenty of water as the recirculated air in an aeroplane can be very drying!

I hope these tips make it easier for you to bare your next long haul flight!

Until next time, Dani x

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