The Ultimate Gift Guide for Travel Lovers

Know someone who loves to travel? Here’s the perfect gift guide for them!

For a flight or long journey, why not get them a travel pillow or some travel socks? They’ll be well used by any avid traveller!

Sass and Belle have a gorgeous “world map” collection, which includes luggage tags, passport holders, cushions, and much more! The collection can be found on the Sass and Belle website, and there are some items on Amazon.

A money box makes a great present as they can save up for their next trip. I adore this Jones Home and Gift Adventure Funds money box. It’s simple and elegant, but it’s a lovely way to keep motivated to save up for future travels!

My all time favourite travel gift is the clips and country rings offered by Traveller Collective! I have the vegan brown leather clip, and I bring it with me whenever I travel. I love adding new country rings to it whenever I visit somewhere new. Not only are the clips great accessories for travellers, Traveller Collective donates 20% of their profits to projects in Ethiopia.

Looking to gift something a little more practical? Why not get a jewellery holder which maximises space in luggage, like this one, or a portable power bank so they’re never without their phone.

A scratch off world map is a beautiful way for them to document their travels, and looks great on the wall!

I absolutely adore Sand Cloud’s towels, which you can find here. Like Traveller Collective, Sand Cloud donates a portion of its profits to great causes! 10% of Sand Cloud’s profits go towards non-profits which fit with the Sand Cloud mission of saving marine life. To get 25% off, use my referral code: DanielleJon25

Hype offer a map backpack. It’s currently out of stock on their official website, but it’s in stock on Amazon. It’s a really good size (can easily fit my laptop and a couple of textbooks) and looks awesome!

If you want to splash out a little, why not buy them an Instax Polaroid camera? It instantly produces beautiful snapshots of your travels, and you can get loads of different film with colourful borders and designs. And if your budget is quite large, you

could get them a Go Pro!

And finally, why not treat them to a photo album or a travel journal like this one so they can document their travels? If you do splash out on a polaroid camera, there are polaroid albums.

Good luck with your present hunting!

Until next time, Dani x

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