LUX SKIN IPL Laser Hair Removal Review

A few months ago I purchased a laser hair removal device from LUX SKIN. I was really excited to try home laser hair removal, and posted on my Instagram story that I would share an update and review after a few weeks of use.

The LUX SKIN laser hair removal device normally costs £80, but is currently reduced to just £39. The small, hand-held device needs to be plugged in to be used, so there’s no long wait for it to charge. It is very lightweight, and extremely easy to use.

Photo of the LUX SKIN hair removal device

There are five intensity settings, so you can perform laser hair removal on any area of the body. I followed all of the instructions, which are to shave before using the device and use it once a week.

I have to say, I’ve been so impressed! I began getting laser hair removal a few years ago at a professional salon, which cost hundreds of pounds for treatment of my upper lip and legs. I only completed a few sessions due to moving around for university and then Covid, and I did see a small improvement after three sessions.

Having used the LUX SKIN device for five consecutive weeks, I’ve seen a huge improvement. I’ve noticed significantly less hair regrowth on both sides of my face and my upper lip. When hair does grow back, it takes far longer to do so and grows back in small areas.

I’m naturally very pale with dark hair, so any facial hair growth is extremely noticeable and something I have always been very self-conscious of. I have so much more confidence now in going without makeup, and I honestly can’t believe the results for just £40 and a few minutes out of my day once a week!

I’m next going to target my legs. I have been using the third and fourth intensity settings on my face, and I have tested different intensities on my legs. I’ve found the most intensive setting works best on my legs as I have thick, dark hair. I really appreciate that it’s easy to switch between intensities, as the most intense setting would definitely be too painful for facial hair!

I moisturise any areas I have treated intensively after each treatment, usually with aloe vera gel as it has no perfumes or other additives that could irritate the area. There is sometimes a little bit of irritation after treatments, but it generally fades very quickly and I have never had any issues with laser hair removal at home. I have seen reviews online for other devices that suggest users have burnt themselves, and I can only imagine they used the highest intensity setting and went over the area multiple times (which is strongly advised against!).

If you follow the instructions and use the device weekly, you are most likely to see a difference in the rate of hair regrowth and hair appearance.

I would definitely give the LUX SKIN device 10/10 – I’m honestly so pleased with the results, and absolutely stunned by the price! I used to spend around £20 every time I went to a salon to get facial hair waxed, so for the price of just two treatments I have essentially gotten rid of the majority of my facial hair.

The LUX SKIN IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is available here for £39, or there is the option to spread payments out.

Until next time,

Dani x


8 thoughts on “LUX SKIN IPL Laser Hair Removal Review”

  1. I have never had laser hair removal before and I have not heard of this product but I have seen similar ones before. It seems like it really works for you and that is a great price! I am lucky that I am olive skinned and have light hairs so it is not too noticeable, in saying that I don’t like hair on my legs or armpits but I hate shaving haha xx

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  2. This sounds like an amazing device! I used some device like this agessss ago and it was crap and did nothing haha so I’ve been reluctant to try anything else since. Although I’m pale with fair hair, so hair is definitely not noticeable on me. Although I do hate shaving my legs so professional hair removal sounds great! Great review 🙂 x


      1. I think it has something to do with the light flashes working on the melanin in the hair? (Don’t quote me on that!) They also don’t work on very dark skin for the same reason. I only found out because I had a couple of professional laser hair removal sessions, otherwise I would have no idea!

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