My Results Day Experience

Right now, I’m a university undergraduate student. But this time last year I was wondering if I’d ever get that far. I was stressed, getting ill frequently, and just desperately wanting the academic to be over. So what happened when the academic year did finish and results day (finally) came?

Firstly, at AS-Level the subjects I was studying were English Literature, Business Studies, Psychology, and Religious Studies. At the end of the year I achieved an A in Business Studies, a B in Psychology, a C in Religious Studies, and a D in English Literature (a minor miracle)

The subjects I was studying at A2-Level (my final year of school for anyone unfamiliar with the Northern Irish education system) were Business Studies, Psychology, and Religious Studies.

I struggled immensely with Religious Studies, struggling to pull my grade up. To get into my first choice university, the University of Stirling, to study Law LLB I needed the grades ABB. I was really confident I would maintain my B in Psychology and my A in Business Studies.

I was ecstatic when my exams finished and I could enjoy my summer! I worked full time across the summer, nervously waiting for results day.

Eventually it was time to find out my fate, and in the morning I logged on to UCAS Track. The first thing I saw was that I had been accepted into my first choice university! I was over the moon. I rang my boyfriend and my dad to let them know.

After that it was time to drive to my school to pick up my results. Knowing I had gotten in to my first choice university, I assumed I’d achieved my target grades of ABB so opening my results to see BBC was quite a shock. I felt lost. It made results day quite bitter sweet for me, especially as I had missed out on my B in Psychology by only one mark.

I immediately filled out my remark forms, and decided to get both of my Business Studies papers remarked to see if I could pull my grade up to my expected A. I also had two of my three Psychology remarked.

One of my Psychology papers remained unchanged, but the other went up five marks, meaning I got my target B grade!

The same happened with my two Business Studies papers; one paper went up five marks while the other remained unchanged. Unfortunately, I needed six marks to bring my grade up to an A (I knew it was a long shot), so I ended up with BBB as my final grades.

After picking up my results, my boyfriend and I went out for lunch so I could unwind. I was exhausted from having not slept the night before, and drained from all the emotions, but still really happy.

While my results day was bittersweet, I’m really happy that I managed to get into my first choice university (if a little surprise that they accepted me with my original grades). If you’re sitting exams this year and, like me, you get a shock on results day, don’t panic. There’s loads of support and advice that your school or UCAS should have to offer you, and you can always get a remark or go through clearing.

Results day is tough for everyone, and almost always bittersweet. Even if you get into your first choice university (if that’s what you want to do) with your target grades, someone you know may not have, or you may be leaving friends behind if you’re going to be living away. All you can do is keeping looking forward, and remember everyone goes through something similar.

Until next time, Dani x


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