I took my dog to see Santa. Yes, really!

Last year, I took my dog, Charlie, to see Santa. Yes, really. I have the photos to prove it!

Charlie is a West Highland Terrier. He’s the first dog I’ve ever owned, and I adore him. He’s been a hyper, crazy dog ever since he was a puppy, and we really struggled to train him due to health problems that left him in severe pain. Thankfully he grew out of the condition, and he’s now a healthy, happy dog!

A local garden centre has a Santa every year for children to visit, and last year they had a special day for people to bring their pets to see Santa. The entrance fee went to a local animal charity, and the photos we took are a cherished (and hilarious) memory for me. Santa also gave Charlie a toy, which he was delighted with!

On the way to see Santa, there was a short walk through a grotto which was filled with photo props like a sleigh. I got photos of Charlie on everything because he looked so adorable, but unfortunately he rarely stops moving so I got hardly any good ones.

After a short wait, we got to see Santa! Charlie was a little freaked out by the strange environment, but luckily Santa was well prepared with loads of doggy treats for him! Charlie would happily eat us out of house and home, so he warmed up to Santa pretty quickly when he gave him some treats.

And da-dah! We got a super sweet photo of Charlie on Santa’s lap!

There were plenty of dogs in the queue to see Santa, but dogs certainly weren’t the only pets there; one of Santa’s helpers informed us that they had had rabbits, a cat, and even a tortoise in to get photos before us!

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I brought both our dogs to an Assisi charity shop in Bangor for photos with Santa. The volunteers were amazing, and well equipped with squeaky toys and treats to keep the dogs calm and to get them to look at the camera.

How adorable is this?!

If you ever have the opportunity to bring your pet to get photos with Santa, I would highly recommend you do it. It was a really fun experience, and a lovely day out both times I did it!

Until next time, Dani x


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