Easy Vegetarian Recipes for Students

Learning to cook for yourself is something everyone should do, but being thrown into the deep end by living independently when you become a student can be really tough.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, cooking a few vegetarian meals a week is a great way to use up vegetables that are going to go out of date, and save some money since vegetables are generally cheaper than meat.

So, here are some easy (vegetarian) student recipes!

  1. Stir Fry. Stir frys are a great way to use up vegetables as you can throw loads of different things into the pan! There’s minimal washing up, and it’s a quick meal. Just throw some vegetables, like baby corn and carrots, into the wok or large pan, cook them until nearly done then add soy sauce. Next, add noodles and some more soy sauce. Stir everything round for a couple of minutes, then serve! If you don’t fancy noodles, you could swap them for rice for a nice change.img_0774

2. Tikka Masala. A bag of Quorn chicken is cheaper than a similar amount of chicken, so using it is a great way to help the planet and save some cash. Cook the Quorn and the rice, then add some tikka masala sauce to the pan with the Quorn. Serve with the rice and you’re done!

3. Pasta with sauce. One jar of sauce can do a dozen meals easily, so it’s really cheap. Just cook the pasta, then add the sauce and stir. Ta-dah! My personal favourite sauce to use is red pesto. You can also add some vegetables to make it a more filling meal.

4. Wraps and toasties. Both wraps and toasties are super yummy, and quick and easy to make (making them the ultimate healthy hangover food). Get creative and put whatever you want in them!

5. Eggs. Eggs are really cheap – you can get two dozen for just a couple of pounds – and versatile since you can use them for poached eggs, boiled eggs, omelettes, scrambled eggs, or use them for a creamy pasta recipe like spaghetti carbonara! As such, cooking eggs is a skill every student should master.

What recipes do you use that are quick and easy?

Until next time, Dani x


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